So you are taking classes with us, but you are reaaaaaally truly committed to developing your English language skills.

Your learning does not have to stop when your classes end. This blog post and others soon to follow will highlight a wealth of resources which will complement some of the activities and topics you cover in class.

Here are a few resources that I am sure you will enjoy:

The Probably, one of the best websites to help you expand your vocabulary in a fun yet contextually meaningful form. You move about in a virtual 3-D world finding what each object is named and how to pronounce it.

The drawings are excellent, the level of detail outstanding, and the makers of the website even have a mobile app to complement the PC web site.

BBC Learning English:  The BBC has also put together some wonderful learning resources that are both topical and well organized. Whether you are a young-adult or a professional, the site has virtually something in store for everyone.

From grammar reviews and exercises to vocabulary quizzes to pronunciation workshops, the BBC Learning English website has hundreds of videos that cater to everyone from beginners to near-native English speakers. You will have fun as you improve and perfect your grasp of English and reinforce the topics discussed on your one-on-one sessions with your teachers at

Perfect English Grammar

With a seemingly endless collection of short, interactive English grammar exercises, this fantastic blog will test you on a range of topics from irregular verbs to your use of the perfect tense. The blog’s interactive format makes tricky grammar rules fun.

TV Shows

Are you a more visual person but still want to focus on your listening skills? How about using of your favorite TV shows to do that?

From the Simpsons to Seinfeld to House of Cards or “The Community”, pick your favorite show, turn on subtitles, have fun and watch as your English suddenly begins to be filled with your share of colloquialisms and slang.

Bring those expressions that you find most perplexing to the attention of your AulaAdvance teacher and she will be happy to discuss them with you.

Whoever thought that watching and speaking about your favorites TV shows would help you learn English?

Have fun and remember, good work is its own reward, but fun work is even more rewarding.

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