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Career development in a globalized world requires a firm command of English as the universal business language. Knowing English will help you deal with clients and colleagues from abroad as well as access information and knwoledge that might otherwise not be within your reach. Do not limit your growth and improve your language skills today!


Accounting and Finance

Business administration requires that you call upon a foundation of knowledge derived from a broad number of disciplines. At, we have the courses you need to further your urderstanding of accouting, finance, labor and fiscal legislation and management. Our focus for these courses is on Spanish speakers, but let us know if you are interested.



Marketing is a lot more than commercials and advertising. It consists of a host of strategic disciplines, strategis and information managemetn workflows to find, capture and satify our customers. We want to introduce you to some of the key topics cover in some of our most popular marketing courses: online marketing, sales management and strategic demand analysis.


Microsoft Office

Imporve your company´s productivity thanks to the many benefits of having a firm command of the main office suites in the softaware market. You will be able to work through many example exercises and scenarios and can move at your own pace. Reach out to your online tutor if you have any doubts or questions.

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