Últimos Eventos Pasados

Webinar: Make the most of your time to boost productivity

Granada Avenida Pablo Picasso 30, Granada

In this webinar we will discuss strategies to improve your organization´s time management. We seek to empower you to make your meetings more efficient, and to prioritize your projects and tasks. To that end, we will utilize software, both free and paid, which allow us to increase efficiency both personally and professionally, all with minimal time or money spent.


Seminario: Principales exámenes para certificar tu inglés

Granada Avenida Pablo Picasso 30, Granada

In this completely free seminar we will discuss the main and most important English language certifications. We will cover the pros and cons of each and evaluate the current situation while also making recommendations on the future of these certifications in relation to both businesses as well as educational institutions.


Seminario: Google Ads

Granada Avenida Pablo Picasso 30, Granada

We are pleased to present this in-person seminar on the latest updates to Google’s platform Google Ads. We will discuss strategies and success stories related to the creation and management of video, text and PR campaigns both on mobile devices and for local businesses.

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